Realistic Timeline

icon of a calendarResearch and writing can take time. It can be a challenge to add this to the weekly work of the courseroom. Planning out a realistic assignment timeline is your best defense against procrastination. You may think you need to block out a large chunk of time to do research, but in fact, starting early and researching for even 20 minutes can be a great way to start. There are tools that can help keep you on track when you begin working on your research and writing assignments.

Assignment Calculator
click to view Assignment CalculatorThe Assignment Calculator is a useful tool for planning all types of research and writing assignments, from short papers all the way to comprehensive questions. Type in your due date and get a list of research and writing steps with help along the way. Write these steps on a calendar to stay on track.

Dissertation Calculator
The Dissertation Calculator breaks down the stages of the dissertation and gives you an idea of when you should try to complete each of the stages. It also includes useful resources for each stage. This resource may not match the Dissertation process at Capella but can give you an idea of the steps and time involved.

Note: For larger projects, you may need to use our Interlibrary Loan service for sources that are not available in full text in the Capella Library. This service may take 3 to 10+ business days depending on the material you need. Start your research early to improve your access to all the sources you may need.

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