click to view the Matching Scope to Topic PresentationThe scope of your assignment can help you to manage the amount of time you should spend on both your research and your writing.

Sample Assignments and their Research Components:
Discussion posts should be less than one page in length.
Length: A few paragraphs
Supporting Sources: Generally 1-5 sources. May include peer-reviewed, professional or non-scholarly sources.
Note: Check the requirements closely. A reflective assignment may require no sources at all.

Short paper assignemnts should be less than 5 pages in length.
Length: 5 pages or fewer
Supporting Sources: Generally 3-10 sources, Generally peer-reviewed, professional articles, book chapters or books.

Long paper assignments should be 6-20+ pages in length.
Length: 6-20+ pages
Supporting Sources: Generally 10+ sources. Include peer-reviewed articles, book chapters or books.

Comprehensive examinations should be 15+ pages per question.
Length: 15+ pages per question.
Supporting Sources: Generally 10+ sources per question. Include
peer-reviewed articles, book chapters or books.

Dissertations should be 100+ pages in length.
Length: 100+ pages
Supporting Sources: Generally 50+ sources.
- Literature Review of the scholarly literature: predominantly peer-reviewed articles and books
- Reports, statistics, etc. to supplement scholarly sources
- New, original data gathered

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