3. Finding your Way: Searching and Sources

click to view the audio interview about Searching and Sourcesicon of a mountain click to view the audio Library Call audio Whenever you are researching, whether it's for a paper or a vacation, you use a variety of resources that are specific to your needs. A guidebook and a map may be all you need to plan a weekend trip to San Francisco, but a trek to the top of Mount Everest will require months of preparation, detailed maps, and even a Nepalese-English dictionary. Having the right resources can mean the difference between life and death on a mountaintop.

Scholarly research may not be as dangerous as a trip up Everest, but the sources you use for your research can determine whether you pass your course or finish your dissertation. Your sources have to be both appropriate for the topic and meet the requirements of your assignment.

Ask a Librarian
At any time during your research remember the Capella Librarians are available for assistance. What happens when you call the library? Listen to a typical call.

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