Click to view the Troubleshooting a Search Captivate presentationThe Capella Library's article databases are specifically chosen with your research needs in mind. There are more than two dozen databases in the Library. You can search for journal articles, ebooks, encyclopedias, dissertations, conference proceedings and more. You will have to make some decisions about which database to choose.

What types of sources do you need?
Some databases have journal articles (e.g. Academic Search Premier), some have newspaper articles (e.g. LexisNexis), others have financial data (e.g. Hoovers) and so on. Be aware as you search that you are using the right database to find the sources you need for your assignment.

What subject area are you researching?
A few databases are multidisciplinary, such as Academic Search Premier. This is a good database to start with. Others, like PsycINFO, have discipline specific literature and are useful for more precise searching.

Go to the Databases A-Z page to see a list of available databases along with descriptions of their content. Each database has a unique collection of journals, books, and other documents. You can use the same search strategy in each but you will find different results. A good rule of thumb is that if you need more than 5 articles try at least two databases. If you are working on a larger project you should search several databases.

Learn how to Dissect a Database (PDF)

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