6. Where do you want to go next? Reflection

icon of a globeYou are done with your paper, assignment or research project! This can be like coming home after a long trip or journey. Generally, you are happy to have made it through alive but it can also be good time to reflect on the process. What went right? What went wrong? Where do you need or want to go next?

What went right?
Did you enjoy the topic you were researching? Did you get good feedback on your finished product? You may want to consider exploring the topic in more depth for your next assignment. Would it be a good capstone or dissertation topic? Perhaps a good basis for an article in a trade publication or journal for your profession?

What went wrong?
Did you get feedback that some aspects of your writing could be improved or that your research seemed incomplete? Take advantage of the resources available throughout Capella to improve your skills before the next course or project:

Note for PhD learners: If you are headed to Colloquium you may want to attend a Library or Writing Center session, or set up an individual appointment with the Library or Writing Center to address any issues or concerns.

Where do you want to go to next?
Just as your courses build on each other, the same can be true of your research. While it is unethical to resubmit a paper or research in another course, you can research related topics and use your previous research as background information. You may need to use seminal works in your field in multiple papers or discussion posts. Over time you can build a personal library of articles and sources. This strategy can be especially important for graduate learners working towards large capstone projects, master's theses, comprehensive examinations or dissertations.

Scholarly or Professional Publishing
Would your paper or project be appropriate for a scholarly or professional publication? Would your co-workers like to read it? If so, you can use it as the basis of a formal manuscript which can be submitted to a magazine or journal. Capella's Online Writing Center has a tutorial on Academic Publishing.

Are you a PhD student? Could this be your dissertation topic?
Check out the Library's Dissertations and Theses Full Text database on Databases A-Z to see other dissertations in your topic area. If you need help using or accessing this database Ask a Librarian.

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