Roadmap to Information Literacy

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it"
–Albert Einstein

click to listen to Feranda Williams talk about Information LiteracyResearch is like a voyage–it takes planning, a curious mind, an adventurous spirit, an awareness of your final destination, and perseverance, even when the road ahead looks rocky. At times it can be exhilarating–when you discover something new. At times it can be frustrating–when you hit a dead end. Locating and using information to develop new ideas is at the core of the scholarly voyage. Use the Scholarly Research Cycle to help guide your way.

The Scholarly Research Cycle consists of 6 steps: Background, Planning, Finding Your Way, Evaluating, Putting It All Together and Reflection. Often this process is linear but you may need to go back a step or two if you run into a dead end or change your preliminary topic.

This tutorial is for you if...
– You want to learn about doing scholarly research using the Library and Web.
– You need a few quick tips during your research process.
– It is assigned in a course.
– You are new to an online library.
– If you have only used Google to do research in the past.

Learn more: About this Tutorial (PDF) and What is Information Literacy? (PDF)

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