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Am I Ready for Capella?

Is Online Learning Right For Me?


Take our free self-assessments to find out if you are suited to, and ready to take online courses. These simple tests will look at your time management skills, learning style, and technical abilities. Once completed, you will be able to determine if online learning is right for you.


Each assessment will take approximately 3-5 minutes.

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Assess my time & priorities

This assessment will evaluate how you spend your time, how you want to spend it, and if your time and priorities are in balance with each other. Your results will give you insight into your lifestyle, as well as delve deeper into your schedule, study habits, and overall organizational skills. This will allow you to recognize patterns and makes changes where necessary.

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Test my tech readiness

Before deciding to enroll in an online university, it's important to be comfortable using a computer and navigating online environments.  Find out if you have the tech know-how to learn online.


Learn My Learning Style

Determine if your learning style is compatible with Capella’s online learning approach by taking this assessment. Your results will reflect how key areas in your life such as self-direction, social style, and reading and writing skills, affect the way you learn, so that you can hone in and develop the focus you need to reach your goals.