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What is an average business salary?

Salary is an important part of any job. New graduates often put salary at the top of their list when embarking on a job search. However, there a number of factors that can affect what a determined salary may be. These include geographical location, level of experience, qualifications, and more.

Salary Information

There are a number of resources online that can help you access up-to-date salary information. Google can provide you with a wide variety of online resources. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is another good option for up-to-date data, or you can also go directly to sites such as and  to find an accurate description of typical business salaries.

Average Business Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an accountant is $63,550. The average advertising, promotions, and marketing manager salary sits at $115,750 a year. Financial managers earn on average $109,740, project managers average at $96,425, and a human resources specialist’s salary averages at $55,640. 

Factors that Affect Salaries

There are eight factors that can affect your pay according to

  1. Years of experience
  2. Education
  3. Performance reviews
  4. Your boss
  5. Number of reports
  6. Professional associations and certifications
  7. Shift hours
  8. Hazardous working conditions

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