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Learn to solve real-world health information management challenges when you earn a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Health Information Management from an ABET-accredited program. In our interactive learning environment, you’ll gain specialized skills in collecting, analyzing, and protecting vital patient information and medical records.

Unsure if this is the right program for you? Check out Capella’s Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration with a specialization in Health Information Management, where you’ll learn to work with patient information and medical records on a solid educational foundation of interactive, interprofessional health care administration courses.

Industry Certifications and a Degree

Earn in-demand certifications while earning your degree. We'll give you the skills and knowledge you need to take the certification exam—and the voucher to take it for free.

This specialization aligns to:

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Project+

Hands-On Learning Through Virtual Lab Environment

Students in this program will experience practical, hands-on learning designed around best practices in a safe, interactive virtual lab environment. This platform allows students to develop skills by practicing with tools used in the industry. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to work in real-world, cross-functional scenarios with health care administration students in our unique, simulated health care setting, Vila Health.

You’ll also have access to our interactive digital flashcards, to help you engage with new information. Pull them up to help you remember information or as a quick reference.

Access to Cutting-Edge Content at No Additional Cost

As a benefit of Capella’s partnership with Pluralsight, a global leader in online learning for IT specialists, and as a student in this online health information management program, you’ll receive full business account access to Pluralsight’s library of more than 5,000 courses—a $499 value—that also includes access to Code School for interactive learning and lab practice.

Earn Credit for What You Already Know

Your previous learning, work experience, and industry certifications may help you earn your degree in less time. To learn more, contact an enrollment counselor or visit our Prior Learning Assessment page.

Degree Outcomes

With your BS in IT with a specialization in Health Information Management from Capella, you'll learn to effectively lead, manage, and innovate to solve health information management related business problems through proper management and evaluation of healthcare data and health-related systems. Discover specifically what you'll learn — and how you can apply it.

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People with Bachelor's degrees in IT from Capella earn an average of $42,000 more per year than high school graduates.

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Career Outcomes

Common jobs with an online BS in IT with a specialization in Health Information Management include clinical systems architect, data architect, database administrator, network administrator or software developer. Potential workplaces include: clinic, health care system, HMO administrative office, hospital, insurance company, long-term care organization or research facility.

To learn more, call 866.933.5836, or email us. When you connect with Capella, we will immediately put you in touch with an enrollment counselor trained to assist you with specific questions and needs for your area of interest.