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Four Required Courses



16 quarter credits

Applied Business Analytics

This course introduces learners to business analytics and its role in evidence-based decision making. Learners examine data and analytics techniques that create relevant, actionable, and meaningful information.

4 quarter credits


Choose three from the following:

MBA5006 *
Business Strategy

Learners in this course examine ways in which companies formulate and implement strategy to effectively compete in the marketplace. Learners apply strategic models and analysis to address competitive challenges. Prerequisite(s): Completion of or concurrent registration in MBA5002.

4 quarter credits
Accounting Methods for Leaders

Learners in this course gain an understanding of how methods of financial and managerial accounting are used to analyze business performance and make evidence-based business decisions. Learners examine tax, ethical, and legal implications of accounting methods.

4 quarter credits
MBA5012 *
Marketing Management

This course covers marketing theories, models, and practices used by businesses. Learners examine the expanded roles of analytics, technology, and social media in marketing strategy and implementation. Learners also use business analytics skills to address marketing problems and apply marketing methods to business challenges. Prerequisite(s): MBA5008.

4 quarter credits
MBA5014 *
Applied Managerial Finance

Learners in this course explore financial concepts and techniques required to evaluate, report, and maximize firm performance and value. Learners analyze environmental and market factors, goals, and constraints; and apply regulatory and ethical principles and business analytics skills to drive data-based decision making. Prerequisite(s): MBA5008, MBA5010.

4 quarter credits
MBA5016 *
Operations Management for Leaders

In this course, learners examine theories and models of business operations and their role in developing and delivering a superior product or service to the marketplace. Learners also apply business analytics skills and use data to evaluate strategic and tactical impact to business functions across the organization. Prerequisite(s): MBA5008.

4 quarter credits






16 quarter credits

* Denotes courses that have prerequisite(s). Refer to the descriptions for further details.

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