Courses Contemporary Theory in School-Based Services

Graduate Certificate in Counseling

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Five Required Courses



20 quarter credits

Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors

Learners in this course examine theories of lifespan development and behavior from a counseling perspective. Learners describe effective approaches in counseling, evaluate its historical and philosophical relevance to current practice, and apply theories and practices to advocate for diverse clientele. Must be taken during the first quarter by learners who have been admitted to the MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and MS in School Counseling degree programs and the Contemporary Theory in Addictive Behavior, Contemporary Theory in Mental Health Services, and Contemporary Theory in School-Based Services graduate certificate programs. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer

4 quarter credits
Introduction to School Counseling

This course introduces learners to the profession of school counseling. Learners examine the history and development of school counseling; investigate ethical and legal requirements for school counselors; explore the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model and service delivery systems, including specific programs and interventions; and analyze the multiple roles and functions of school counselors with various stakeholders.

4 quarter credits
Crisis Intervention, Trauma Response, and Emergency Management

Learners in this course examine skills and strategies for crisis intervention and prevention, response to trauma, and emergency management as they apply to the school counseling profession within K–12 school settings. Topics include responding to trauma; providing trauma-informed care; working with victims of trauma, abuse, or violence; developing crisis intervention and prevention plans; assessing risk of suicide and other risks; and analyzing and implementing emergency management plans. For MS in School Counseling and Contemporary Theory in School-Based Services graduate certificate learners only.  

4 quarter credits
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

In this course, learners examine common characteristics, risk factors, and warning signs of mental health and behavioral disorders affecting children and adolescents. Learners also critically evaluate diagnostic models, methods, and approaches and explore current DSM classifications and diagnostic issues related to children and adolescents. In addition, learners investigate the impact of common medications on learning, behavior, and mood in children and adolescents.

4 quarter credits
COUN5812 *
Theories of Counseling with Children and Adolescents

Learners in this course expand upon foundational counseling and relationship-building skills by integrating brief and strengths-based theoretical approaches and interventions relevant to the practice of counseling in P–12 schools. Learners analyze the influence of biopsychosocial factors on child and adolescent development and design individualized interventions that enhance wellness and resilience.  Prerequisite(s): COUN5280.

4 quarter credits






20 quarter credits

What Can I Expect?

Most students take one to two courses at a time. One course typically requires 10 to 12 hours of study per week.

Courses are divided into 10 weekly units. Each unit consists of readings, discussions, and other activities you will be expected to complete throughout the week. Assignments are due on Sundays, though not every course requires an assignment each week.

In each course, you'll receive a detailed scoring guide that describes expectations for every graded assignment.

Grades are based on your participation in weekly reading discussions and completion of assignments. You'll also be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the expected outcomes for your program or specialization. These outcomes are based on the needs and performance standards of your field or discipline.

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