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Capella’s Post-Master’s Certificate in Research can help build participants’ expertise in high-level problem solving for educational organizations and institutions. Learners will use quantitative and qualitative methodologies, current theories, and application strategies as they strengthen their understanding of this vital area within education.

This program is designed to help learners strengthen their understanding of conceptualizing and implementing analytic driven solutions throughout the education discipline. As you complete the certificate, you will be able to apply your expertise in a variety of qualitative designs including, but not limited to, basic qualitative design, case study, ethnography, grounded study, and phenomenology.

Courses in this post-master’s certificate program offer high-quality, stand-alone learning experiences, or they can be combined toward the partial completion of a PhD in education.

To learn more about this certificate program, request more information and we will match you with an enrollment counselor who specializes in your area of study.

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