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Doctor of Business Administration

Business Intelligence

Prepare to lead at the highest level in data analytics with an online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Business Intelligence. Learn how to make better decisions grounded in data, drive strategy to ensure business efficiency, identify market or sales trends, and use predictive analytics to pinpoint opportunities for growth.

This professional doctorate program features a doctoral research project in which you’ll develop applicable solutions to real-world problems within your organization.

Energizing residencies

Network with faculty and peers during two residencies that enable you to develop knowledge and gain access to resources that will be valuable during your DBA program and beyond.

Research mentor

For your culminating doctoral applied business research project, you’ll be paired with a knowledgeable mentor to help you along the way.

Career-specific curriculum

Advance your strategic and tactical decision-making skills with internal and external research and data mining to lead in business intelligence

Classes start April 12

Use the code WINTER to waive the $50 application fee

At a Glance

  • Online
  • 8 Core courses
  • 4 Specialized courses
  • 12 max transfer credits
  • 1 Doctoral research project
  • 2 Residencies
  • ACBSP accredited

Reduce your tuition by $20,000

Enroll in a qualified program and apply for a $20K Capella Progress Reward, a scholarship to help fund your doctoral degree.