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Capella University's online Master's in Network Management program prepares you to maintain diverse network environments in support of business needs. You will build the capabilities to develop and implement your organization's IT strategies by exploring network-management best practices, examining new ideas in the field, and learning to leverage data and analytics.

With a specialized path for career changers, this program also offers those transitioning into the field a separate course sequence to build foundational knowledge before encountering advanced IT concepts.

To learn more about this program, request more information and we will match you with an enrollment counselor who specializes in your area of study.

Earn Credit for What You Already Know

Your previous learning, work experience, and industry certifications may help you earn your degree in less time. To learn more, contact an enrollment counselor or visit our Prior Learning Assessment page.

Industry Certifications and More

Career changers who take our foundational IT courses also have the opportunity to earn the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications within the first year of their programs. We’ll help you earn certifications that tell employers you are prepared to troubleshoot network and security issues across a variety of devices and operating systems. You’ll gain necessary skills and knowledge to take the certification exams—and the vouchers to take them for free.

Degree Outcomes

With your Master's in Network Management from Capella, you'll learn to manage complex enterprise technology systems, and design an enterprise architecture as the organizing logic for business processes and IT infrastructure. You'll also evaluate data to create business intelligence and data modeling that drives strategic decision-making. Discover specifically what you'll learn — and how you can apply it.

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People with Master's degrees in IT from Capella earn an average of $38,000 more per year than people who only hold a Bachelor's degree.

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Career Outcomes

Common jobs with an online Master's in Network Management include adjunct or part-time faculty, consultant, director, network management/network operations, infrastructure manager, senior network manager or vice president of networking operations. Potential workplaces include: community college, consulting firm, corporation, government, land-based or online college or university, or military.