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Total program credits needed for graduation: 48

One academic quarter is three months. You will have a three-week break between each quarter.

To learn more, call 866.933.5860, or email us. When you connect with Capella, we will immediately put you in touch with an enrollment counselor trained to assist you with specific questions and needs for your area of interest.

Total program credits with foundational courses needed for graduation: 60.

Students in the MS in Information Systems and Technology Management degree program who do not have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, or a similar technology degree are required to complete ISTM5004, ISTM5006, and ISTM5008 before enrolling in any course other than ISTM5002. This requirement may be waived for learners without the necessary bachelor's degree(s) who have at least eight years of relevant experience in a technology management field.

Foundational Courses

12 course quarter credits.

Fundamentals of Information Systems (4 quarter credits)
Databases and Programming (4 quarter credits)
Networking Fundamentals (4 quarter credits)

Core Courses

24 course quarter credits.

Communication Skills for Today's Information Technology Leader (4 quarter credits)
Integration of Information Technology and Business (4 quarter credits)
Complex Information Technology Global Enterprise Systems: Planning and Management (4 quarter credits)
Leading a Global Information Technology Enterprise: Systems and Security (4 quarter credits)
Analytics, Data Management, and Knowledge Management (4 quarter credits)
Innovation, Leadership, and Ethics (4 quarter credits)

Focus Courses

12 course quarter credits.

Strategic Management of Network Technology (4 quarter credits)
Global Network Policy, Regulation, and Governance (4 quarter credits)
Enterprise Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design (4 quarter credits)

Two Elective Courses, 8 quarter credits

Recommended elective courses:

IT Security Fundamentals (4 quarter credits)
Network Security Fundamentals and Cryptography (4 quarter credits)
Information Security Regulatory and Legal Environment (4 quarter credits)
Identifying and Managing Risk (4 quarter credits)
Health Care Delivery: New Environments in Health Informatics (4 quarter credits)
Health Care Information Systems Analysis and Design for Administrators* (4 quarter credits)
Cornerstones of Health Informatics for Organizational Operations* (4 quarter credits)
Leadership, Management, and Meaningful Use of Health Care Technology* (4 quarter credits)


Choose any graduate-level analytics or information technology course(s).

Capstone Course

Taken during learner's final quarter.

Information Systems and Technology Management Capstone* (4 quarter credits)

*This course has a prerequisite. Contact an enrollment counselor or refer to the course descriptions for more information.

International Experience

Capella’s International Experience takes your curriculum far beyond what you can experience with research alone. Students who join one of the annual trips gain an international perspective on global operations, supply chain management, and other key aspects of current business practices around the world.

During this one-week trip, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet industry leaders and discuss global and regional business concerns
  • Develop key job skills, such as adaptability, global understanding, tolerance, and leadership
  • Engage in dialogue with senior executives of leading companies with global reach
  • Meet successful entrepreneurs
  • Gain first-hand experience in the many ways culture impacts the challenges and complexities of global business operations

Participants are responsible for the cost of their travel, accommodations, food and other associated expenses.

Call 866.933.5860 to speak with a Capella Counselor to learn more about the International Experience.

"Traveling to Chile was life-changing—the business, economic, societal, and global knowledge I gained was extraordinary. Before, during, and after each business visit we spent time conversing with faculty about each business, the industry, governmental policy impacts, and their financial status. I would recommend the International Experience to everyone. The investment you make in yourself as a professional is second to none."
– Tina Thompson, 2014 International Experience participant

What Can I Expect?

Courses are divided into weekly units. Each unit consists of readings, discussions, and other activities you will be expected to complete throughout the week. Assignments are due on Sundays, though not every course requires an assignment each week.

In each course, you will receive a detailed scoring guide that describes expectations for every graded assignment.

Grades are based on your participation in weekly reading discussions and completion of assignments. You will also be assessed on your ability to demonstrate an understanding of expected outcomes for your program or specialization. These outcomes are based on the needs and performance standards of your field or discipline.

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Transfer Credits

There are many ways to help reduce tuition costs, including transferring credits which may help save time and money. You can transfer up to 12 credits into this specialization.

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Whether you're completing additional credits for your own education, want to see if online learning is right for you, or are simply interested in a specific topic, you can enroll in many of Capella's online courses without committing to a degree program. We recommend speaking with an enrollment counselor to discuss your goals and ensure that the credits you earn now may be applicable to a Capella degree program.

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To learn more, call 866.933.5860, or email us. When you connect with Capella, we will immediately put you in touch with an enrollment counselor trained to assist you with specific questions and needs for your area of interest.