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Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships: Apply Now & Save Thousands

By enrolling at Capella University now, you can save thousands on your tuition. Capella-sponsored scholarships are not based on financial need and never require repayment. These gifts are available now to everyone who enrolls in qualified programs and meets other eligibility requirements. Capella scholarships are easy to apply for and are a smart (and free) way to help fund your college education.

+Master's in Education Scholarship - $3,000


Grants are a form of educational funding that are considered gifts and do not need to be paid back. Grant eligibility may be based on degree program, field of study, financial need, or a combination of factors.

Grants can be used to pay for education expenses including such school charges as tuition, room and board, fees, books, supplies, equipment, dependent child care expenses, transportation, and rental or purchase of a personal computer.

+ TEACH (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education) Grants

TEACH grants are offered to students who commit to teaching in a high-need field at a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families. The grant is available year-round and is renewable each aid year (as long as you continue to meet eligibility requirements) for a benefit of up to $4,000 per financial aid year (up to $8,000 in aggregate for graduate-level students).

Who is eligible?

Students enrolled in Capella's MS in Education program in one of the following specializations:

Recipients must also agree to teach full-time in a high-need field in a school that serves low-income families for a total of at least 4 academic years within 8 years after completing or withdrawing from your program.

Learn more about TEACH grants, or connect with a Capella enrollment counselor trained to assist you, call 1.866.933.5842.