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FlexPath: Your Degree, Your Way.

FlexPath self-paced learning allows you to move quickly through more familiar coursework or more slowly as needed—without the constraints of preset due dates. You’ll develop the same mastery—and earn the same degree—as the structured version of your degree program, only in a more efficient, more personalized way.

You pay one flat tuition rate every 12 weeks to complete as many courses as you can—taking no more than two at any one time. If you’ve been looking to earn your master’s but on a schedule that fits into your life, FlexPath might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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FlexPath vs. GuidedPath Format

FlexPath works a little differently than our GuidedPath format option. For starters, there are no preset due dates. You decide how quickly you move through the material. When you’re ready, you’ll submit an assessment to the faculty who will then provide substantive feedback within 48 hours, helping to refine your skills and gauge how well you’ve mastered the competencies.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two formats.

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Course Structure Faculty-led discussions and assignments. Work independently at your own pace with no preset due dates.
Assignments and Course Activity Deadlines Weekly 12 weeks from course start date.
Course Materials Required textbooks and materials Use the suggested source material or resources of your choosing — videos, articles, or your own work experience.
Estimated Time to Complete Degree Master's – 2-3 years
Bachelor's – 3-4 years
Master's – 1-1.5 years
Bachelor's – 2 years
Courseload 3 courses / quarter maximum No limit. (A maximum of 2 courses can be taken at any one time.)
Tuition Structure Pay per credit or course. Pay one flat tuition rate every 12 weeks.*