Residency Requirements School Psychology

Doctor of Psychology

Residency Requirements

In addition to your online courses, you’ll assist faculty members in teaching MS and Specialist Certificate in School Psychology residencies (PSY-R8591, PSY-R8592, PSY-R8593, PSY-R8594, PSY-R8595, PSY-R8596) for a total of six weeks over the course of 3 years. Each residency is 55 hours; you will earn a total of 330 hours of face-to-face residency teaching experience.


To fulfill your residency requirements, you will act as a Graduate Teaching Instructor  during the School Psychology Master’s and Specialist Certificate Year-in-Residence face-to-face training. These training experiences provide practice labs and workshops in the basic practice proficiencies of the school psychologist (assessment, ethics, intervention, interviewing, consultation, counseling, report writing, profile analysis, treatment planning, and supervision skills).

The Graduate Teaching Instructors will assist faculty in teaching labs that provide interactive support, camaraderie, and professional development in the attitudes and behaviors appropriate to being a school psychologist and practitioner-scholar.

Taking time from your work and family can be a challenge, but the value you will gain from this experience is immeasurable. In fact, Capella students tell us much of their success is a direct result of the time and effort put into their residency experience.

Residency Locations

Residencies are offered throughout the U.S. at alternating locations each year, and are held at hotel conference centers. To reduce travel costs, locations are chosen based the number of Capella students in the area. Past locations have included Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, and Arlington.

While you are free to travel with friends and family, only students are able to attend sessions and meals. Childcare is not provided.

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