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Make a Difference with a Human Services Master’s Degree

Feed your passion to help others and address complex public sector challenges with a flexible, online Master’s in Human Services degree program. Through research, leadership and collaboration you’ll strengthen your ability to impact service populations.

At Capella, you’ll learn to benefit your community as you explore the ways in which professionals in public administration, public safety, health care, and human services can work together to make a meaningful impact on those you serve.

Which Degree is Right for You?

Capella’s multidisciplinary approach means your program will offer a depth of knowledge in your professional area—and in the broader public service sector. Explore the differences in these related programs to find the best choice for your career:

Develop Strong Communities With an MS in Human Services
Capella's Master's in Human Services programs are ideal for those interested in advocacy, management, planning, or research work that is focused on developing stronger communities using a multidisciplinary approach.  Choose from programs in Social and Community Services, Multidisciplinary Human Services, and Gerontology.

Solve Public Health Issues with an MPH
Consider a Master's in Public Health (MPH) degree if you’re interested in increasing health access in diverse environments. You’ll be prepared to develop and implement solutions to create healthier communities.

Implement Public Policy with an MPA
A Master of Public Administration (MPA) will prepare you to implement policies, oversee budgets, manage government resources, and design procedures to execute government mandates. In Capella’s MPA program, you’ll learn how to lead organizations to achieve policy objectives and apply leadership, finance, and human resource skills in the field of public administration.

Assist Individuals, Families, and Communities with an MSW
The Master of Social Work (MSW) program will give you the case management and intervention skills to help others achieve wellness and empowerment. With an MSW you can apply advanced-practice concepts to immediately help people of all backgrounds address and overcome their challenges.

Tau Upsilon Alpha Honor Society



Tau Upsilon Alpha is a national honor society for students, alumni, and faculty in the field of human services. Its mission is to honor academic excellence; foster lifelong learning, leadership, and development; and promote excellence in serving humanity. Capella University’s Tau Upsilon Alpha chapter is an extension of the National Organization of Human Services (NOHS).

Capella also has a Human Services Club whose primary objective is to help others gain a greater understanding of the field while enriching the academic, social and learning experiences of our students.

Gainful Employment & Learning and Career Outcomes

Investing in a college degree is no small thing. At Capella, we’re proud to share our learning and career outcomes—along with gainful employment results—so that you can make the most informed decisions about the programs that interest you.

A Direct and Affordable Path

At Capella, you’ll save more and reach your goals in as little as 18 months thanks to time- and money-saving opportunities like a $3,000 Scholarship for a Master's in Public Service degree program.

Fast track your progress with our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and earn credit when you demonstrate mastery of competencies gained through previous coursework, experience, and professional certifications—like the HS-BCP Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner.

Studying online was appealing as I was still running the non-profit, working, and raising my kids, while also living an hour away from our local university. Once I started taking the classes, I really liked the way the courses were run, the program, the instructors, and especially the colloquia.

Michelle Alden,MS in Human Services

Virtual Lab Environments, Real-World Results

Strengthen your collaboration skills as you take on real-world challenges in our one-of-a-kind simulation tool. You’ll enhance relevant skills, such as conflict negotiation and collaboration, to prepare you for success in a human services career.