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Help Lead Health Care & Public Health Organizations with a Master's in Public Health (MPH)

The Capella MPH helps you provide greater access to healthcare in increasingly diverse environments You'll deepen your reserve of knowledge of public health concepts, theories, and practices as you hone your ability to collaborate with other health care professionals.

Capella's online master's degree in public health is developed around national public curriculum standards. Our multidisciplinary approach prepares you to partner across health care, public administration, and public health professions.

On average, those with a bachelor's degree in public health receive a


earnings boost by obtaining their graduate degree.

Source: Georgetown University, 2011: What's it worth? The economic value of college majors

Master in Public Health (MPH) Program

General Health Administration

Improve the health of populations and communities with an online MPH in General Public Health.

Why Get an MPH?

An MPH degree prepares you for advanced public health practice. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to impact the health of populations and communities through evidence-based problem-solving, policy advocacy, and prevention science.  Graduating from an MPH program will prepare you for a multitude of career options including those in public and community health agencies, government agencies, and health care organizations. This field is expanding which means employers are in need of more and more professionals that have an education in public health.

Why Capella?

Capella University is an accredited online university dedicated to providing an exceptional, professionally-aligned education. Our online MPH degree programs are designed to meet standards established by professional associations and accrediting bodies — so you gain skills and knowledge that are immediately applicable to your career goals.  We are proud to partner with colleagues in practice and professional organizations to assure our public health programs are industry relevant, highly credible, and addressing the current needs of the public and community health care environment. You'll benefit from a competency-based curriculum that combines theory with real-world application, delivered in a highly engaged learning environment, and facilitated by expert scholar-practitioner faculty.

Gainful Employment & Learning and Career Outcomes

Investing in a college degree is no small thing. At Capella, we’re proud to share our learning and career outcomes—along with gainful employment results—so that you can make the most informed decisions about the programs that interest you.