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Rights and Responsibilities

Learner's Rights

  • To expect professional service.
  • To know the cost of attendance and Capella University's refund policy.
  • To know what criteria Capella University uses to select financial aid recipients.
  • To know what financial assistance is available, including information on all federal, state, local, private, and institutional financial aid programs.
  • To know how Capella University's Financial Aid Office determines financial need and the processes it uses to construct learner budgets.
  • To know how financial aid is disbursed.
  • To know each type and amount of assistance offered and distribution of funds.
  • To know how academic satisfactory progress is determined and consequences when not adhered to.
  • If a loan is taken, the learner has the right to know the interest rate, the total amount that must be repaid, the length of time to repay the loan, when to begin repayment, and any cancellation and deferment provisions that apply.
  • To question the financial aid offer if the learner believes a mistake has been made.
  • To know the procedures and deadlines for submitting applications and other needed documents.
  • To know what special services are available.

Learner's Responsibilities

  • To read, understand, and accept responsibility for all documents signed by you and to keep an accurate financial aid record.
  • To provide all additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by the Financial Aid Office or the agency to which the application is submitted.
  • To inform the Financial Aid Office of changes in name, address, or school status, and to the lender if student loan funds were received.
  • To submit completed financial aid application forms clearly and accurately in a timely manner.
  • To know that any errors and/or incomplete information on financial aid documents can delay processing.
  • To know and comply with Capella University's refund/repayment procedures.
  • To know and comply with Capella University's academic progress policy.
  • To repay all student loans, notify the lender of a change in your name, address, or enrollment status, and to complete exit counseling upon leaving the university.
  • Federal regulations require that if you receive federal financial aid, you must be participating in the courseroom at the time that aid is disbursed from your lender. To avoid having your federal aid returned to the lender, it is important that you log into your course(s) right away and post a substantial question, comment, or assignment.