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What is an MPN?

The Master Promissory Note (MPN) is the legally binding document that must be signed when applying for Federal student loans (not applicable for Pell Grant). An MPN is a contract between you and your lender that states the terms and conditions under which you promise to repay the loan. It includes information about repayment schedule, interest rate, deferment options, and cancellation provisions. We suggest that you keep this document until your loan has been repaid.

How do I complete a Stafford Master Promissory Note?

Step 1

You will first need your Federal Student Aid ID to electronically sign the MPN. For help obtaining your ID, please go to:

Step 2

Once you obtain your FSA ID you will be able to complete a Stafford Direct Loans Master Promissory Note by logging in at

Step 3

You should receive an email from the Department of Education confirming that the receipt of your MPN. Capella receives a confirmation that you completed the Direct Loan MPN within 2-3 business days.

Step 4

If more than 3 business days have passed and the MPN is still shown on the 'To Do' list in Student Center, please forward your MPN confirmation email to Capella's Office of Financial Aid at

Step 5

Note: The Graduate PLUS loan application requires that you sign a Graduate PLUS MPN.

What loan amount should I request on the MPN?

Federal Stafford loans do not require a credit check, therefore, you should not need to enter a loan amount and you can leave that field blank. Some Master Promissory Notes (MPN) do not include a dollar amount because awards are calculated by Capella based on federal limits, Cost of Attendance, and your previous federal loan history.

I have already completed an MPN. Has the Office of Financial Aid received it?

The MPN will be removed from your "To Do" list in Student Center as soon as Capella receives confirmation from the Department of Education that you have completed an MPN. This step is needed in order to process and determine your financial aid award. It can take 3 to 5 business days for the Department of Education to send confirmation to Capella. The MPN checklist item in your Financial Aid To Do list will be removed when Capella's Office of Financial aid receives the MPN confirmation.

Why does the MPN request references?

References are required by lenders so in the event that they have difficulty reaching you, the borrower, they have at least two individuals they can contact to try to find you. References are not co-signers.