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More Ways to Keep Costs Down

Capella is committed to helping you earn the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost. In addition to scholarships, grants, and discounts, you can save money in the following ways:

FlexPath: More Flexible, Efficient Learning

FlexPath, our new competency-based format allows you to complete course work at your own pace throughout each quarter, with no pre-set due dates. You can enroll in up to 2 courses at a time, but you are not limited to the total number of courses you can complete in a quarter. Learn more about FlexPath.

Accelerated PhD Courseload

Almost all of our PhD programs are based on cost per quarter, rather than number of credits. This means you can maximize your course load and complete your degree faster — saving money on tuition. Contact an enrollment counselor to learn more.

Streamlined and Combined Degree Programs

Complete your degree faster and save thousands with streamlined programs or combined degree options. In select combined degree programs, students can take master’s level courses and have the credits applied to both bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements. Our streamlined degree programs deliver all of the skills and knowledge you need, more efficiently and affordably than ever before. Contact an enrollment counselor to learn more about either of these money-saving options.

Free e-Books

Students in select programs have access to free online textbooks, which means a lower overall cost and quick access to content. Contact an enrollment counselor to learn more.

Employer Reimbursement

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to their employees — even if they do not have a formal program. Check with your human resource department or manager to see if you are eligible.

Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program reduces loan borrowing by providing part-time employment to students with financial need. Eligible students may receive up to $9,000 a year ($15 an hour). Contact an enrollment counselor to learn more about eligibility and the application process.

Call us at 866.808.8681 or email us to find out about the many different ways to save on your Capella education.