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Keep Costs Down with Scholarships

Because they do not have to be paid back and can be used for tuition, fees, and other education expenses, scholarships are an ideal source for funding your education.

Whether you are seeking a Capella scholarship or one from an outside source, advance planning is required. Although scholarships can be need-based, merit-based, or a combination of the two, most are highly competitive and have an extensive application and review process.

Typically, outside funding sources accept applications on an annual basis or 6 to 9 months before the funds are distributed. Funding is typically awarded based on an academic year, beginning with the fall quarter. Few, if any, funding options are available if you wait until your scholarship, grants, and loans are exhausted. Emergency funding is not available.

In addition to completion of a scholarship application form, you may be required to submit a transcript, rèsumè, letters of recommendation, and an essay. Review committees use these materials to determine which applicants to consider for scholarships.

Scholarships Offered by Capella University

Capella offers several scholarships to currently enrolled students in a variety of programs. Most are awarded to several students once per year. Applications are only accepted during the specified time period. For more information about each scholarship, contact an enrollment counselor at 866.808.8681, email us or visit Campus if you are a current student.

+Full-Tuition Dr. Mary Brown Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by Capella in honor of Dr. Mary Brown, who served as a faculty leader in information technology at Capella University until she passed away in October 2015. The scholarship recognizes her passion and commitment to information security, and her desire to attract more women to the information assurance and security field, in which they only represent 10% of the workforce*.

*(ISC)2's most recent Global Information Security Workforce Study, 2015

How much is the award?
Two full-tuition scholarships are awarded in summer quarter to female students. Applicants who meet all eligibility requirements and are not awarded one of the full scholarships will receive a $500 scholarship.

When is this scholarship available?
This scholarship is offered once a year. Applications are available in March.

Who is eligible?
Female students enrolled in or starting a Bachelor's in Information Technology degree program, with a specialization in Information Assurance and Security, or Master's in Information Assurance and Security degree program at Capella University in July 2016 and who demonstrate leadership, involvement and a commitment to information security reflective of Brown's commitment to and accomplishments in the field.

+$2,500 School Psychology Specialist Certificate Scholarship

This scholarship is available to current students enrolled in the Specialist Certificate Program in School Psychology who bring a unique perspective to the field of school psychology.

How much is the award?

Two $2,500 scholarships are available twice a year. The funds are distributed evenly over 2 quarters of the practicum.

When is this scholarship available?

This scholarship is offered twice per year. Applications for Winter quarter are accepted mid-October to mid-November; the Summer quarter award, early April to mid-May.

Who is eligible?

Current Capella students in the Specialist Certificate in the School Psychology program who have completed at least 20 quarter credit hours and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.

+$2,500 Loran Walker Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Loran Walker was an inspiring faculty leader at Capella University who passed away unexpectedly in November 2014. Loran was committed to improving the project management offerings throughout the School of Business and Technology and School of Undergraduate Studies. He was also dedicated to improving the experience of his learners, engaging them in new ways of learning to ensure that they could understand and apply project management concepts.

How much is the award?
Two $2,500 scholarships are awarded in the summer quarter each year.

When is this scholarship available?
This scholarship is offered once a year. Applications are accepted late March to mid-May.

Who is eligible?
Current Capella students enrolled in a degree program at the undergraduate, master's, or doctoral level in a project management specialization in: BS Business, BS Information Technology, MS Information Systems and Technology Management, MBA, DBA, PhD Business Management, or PhD Information Technology, who have successfully completed their first course, have a minimum GPA of 3.5 (graduate students) or 3.0 (undergraduate students).

+Capella Business Leader Award

Capella University has teamed with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to offer an enhanced learning experience for business students.

Capella is proud to announce the annual Capella Business Leader Award, sponsored by WSJ. All eligible business students can apply. Three students will be selected to travel to New York City in November to visit WSJ headquarters, meet with Dow Jones Talent Development leaders and much more.

Who is eligible?

Students must be enrolled in a Capella business degree program at the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral level, and have successfully completed four quarters or 36 credits at the undergraduate level, two quarters or 12 credits at the master’s level, or four quarters or 36 credits at the doctoral level.

Applicants must also demonstrate academic excellence as determined by the GPA—3.0 for undergraduates, 3.5 for master’s and doctoral students—and continue to maintain satisfactory academic progress (3.01.04 Academic Standing).

When is this award available?

The Capella Business Leader Award is offered once a year. Applications for the 2016 award is closed, as of July 15.

Additional Scholarship Sources

When searching and applying for scholarships, do not provide your social security number, credit card, bank information, or send money — it may be a scam.

Other organizations committed to funding education have made scholarships available. Contact the scholarship sponsor to learn more about your eligibility and the application process.

+ Additional Scholarship Websites

Find more scholarships through your own research or the following trusted websites.

When searching and applying for scholarships, do not provide your social security number, credit card, bank information, or send money–it may be a scam.