The beginning of a successful journey

FlexPath is quickly becoming a learning format of choice for professionals looking to earn a next-level degree. Why? The flexibility of its self-paced format and an all-you-can-learn pricing model are two of the reasons, but the most compelling may be what it can do for a career.

FlexPath graduate outcomes

A recent survey of FlexPath graduates reveals a high level of satisfaction with the format, the flexibility, and the results.

Adam Weller* earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration through FlexPath in August 2016, but he started seeing positive career outcomes even before he graduated. “So much of the content in my FlexPath courses was directly related to what I do day in and day out at work,” he says. “At meetings, people would bring up a topic that was something I was writing a paper on, and I could add to the discussion. FlexPath helped me mold my career and take it to the next level, which was my key goal throughout the process.”

Weller plans to continue using what he’s learned, especially now that he’s reached a leadership position. But he may not be done with FlexPath yet. “I’m looking at the MBA program, which would be a logical next step for my career path. FlexPath can help me get there faster.”

Adam is an actual Capella graduate who agreed to be profiled for this story.