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Take our trial course on us

You should feel confident about fitting school into your life. Take a trial course to experience the flexibility of learning online and get a feel for what it’s really like to be a student at Capella.

What you can expect in a trial course

It’s a nongraded, noncredit-bearing way to take a tour of the online courseroom. We offer a trial course for both our GuidedPath and FlexPath learning formats.

Our FlexPath learning format removes weekly discussions and lets you set your own deadlines.

In our FlexPath Trial Course,
you will explore online self-paced learning, experience the courseroom,
and view a sample assessment.

GuidedPath is our structured learning format, which includes class discussions and weekly deadlines.

In our GuidedPath Trial Course, you will explore online learning with others, experience the courseroom, and complete an assignment.

Which format is right for you?

Still not sure? Take our Path Finder Quiz for insights into your study habits. This will help you decide if you need a more structured approach or the ultimate flexibility.

Take the next step

Picture yourself in a cap and gown, ready to take on what’s ahead. Get started on your journey now by connecting with an enrollment counselor. See how Capella may be a good fit for you, and start the application process.