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Your Journey Begins Here

Take your first steps with the most knowledgeable of guides: your Capella enrollment counselor. As a specialist in your area of study—and an expert in admissions—your enrollment counselor can save valuable time by providing clear answers, detailing next steps, and requesting transcripts on your behalf.

Email or call your enrollment counselor at 866.796.6651 to get started.

+ Before You Apply

See how Capella's unique approach to online learning is ideal for busy professionals like you and find out if it is right for your career goals.

Connect with Us

Get matched with an enrollment counselor who can help you find a program that fits your goals and estimate your costs and time to completion. Email or call 1.866.679.9682.

Explore Online Learning

Experience our unique learning environment with a free one-week trial course. In this non-graded course, you can sample the types of readings, discussions, and assignments that are part of every Capella course.

Explore Your Readiness

Take a closer look at your time management skills and self-awareness of your work, life, and school balance.
Are you ready to succeed at Capella?

+ The Application Process

Easily complete your online application with the help of an admissions expert: your enrollment counselor.

Apply Online

Your Contact Information
In addition to general contact information, we ask for your social security number for admission account identification, federal reporting requirements and financial aid. This information will remain secure and confidential.

Transcript and Other Requirement
With your permission, we will submit--and pay for--your transcript requests and automatically apply all eligible transfer credits into your programs. Depending on your programs, you may need to complete additional application requirements.

Your Current Employer
Capella provides discounts to employee to select companies. Are you eligible? Your enrollment counselor can help you find out.

Financial Aid Information
Knock this task off your list during your application--or finish it later with the help of your enrollment counselor.(Optional)

Pay Application Fee
Your $50 application fee covers administrative costs, transcript requests, and transfer credit evaluations.

Complete Additional Admission Requirements

Your admission requirements may include program-specific and international student student page components. View your program for detailed information. Email or call your enrollment counselor at 1.866.679.9682 to walk through each necessary step.

Create a Financial Plan

Your enrollment counselor can help with financial planning , find ways to save time and money on your program, and walk you through your financial aid application—including the FAFSA — which can be completed after you have submitted your application for admission.

+ After You Apply

Typically, you will hear a decision about your application in less than 2 weeks. Once you are accepted, set yourself up for success by organizing your study space, attending orientation, and exploring Capella in greater depth.

Create Your Work Space

Make the most of your study time. Consider where you will complete your coursework and set a study schedule. Before class starts, dedicate a space that is quiet, private, and free from distraction.

Attend Orientation

In our online orientation, you will learn how to use the courseroom, develop time management strategies, improve your communication skills, and connect with other students in your program.

Explore Resources

Your online campus—called iGuide—provides everything you need to manage your coursework, connect with instructors and other students, and access academic and administrative support.