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Everyone learns differently. Answer a few questions about your study habits and preferences to find the best learning format for the way you live.

What is the Path Finder Quiz?

Capella University offers two online learning formats: FlexPath and GuidedPath. The Path Finder Quiz evaluates your learning style to help determine which format is better suited to your personal and professional goals. There are eight multiple-choice questions.

Estimated time to complete: 2–4 minutes.

Two learning formats – which one is right for me?

In a busy world, the freedom to pursue higher education on your terms can be a game-changer. FlexPath and GuidedPath are two different ways to grow your skills and deepen your knowledge on the path to graduation.

What’s the difference between FlexPath and GuidedPath?

All programs are available in GuidedPath.
If you’re looking for a flexible way to learn with fixed deadlines and group discussions, GuidedPath is a good option for you. You’ll complete weekly assignments and move at a set pace. The extra structure is designed to help you stay on track.

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Select programs are available in FlexPath.
If you’re self-motivated and want even more flexibility, FlexPath could be a good fit for you. You’ll have the freedom to set your own deadlines and move through the coursework at your own pace, with faculty and tutors to support you.

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Does my program offer FlexPath?

Capella University offers select programs in FlexPath and all programs in GuidedPath. Use the filters below to explore programs available in the FlexPath learning format.

Area of study

Learning format

bachelors 26,1,2,7,8,10
doctoral 8,12,7,2,10,26,9,1,25
certificate 2,10,9,7,8
masters 25,8,12,2,1,10,26,9,7
bachelors 2,7,1,10,8
doctoral 2,10,25,12
masters 8,2,10,7

Achieve your personal and professional goals

Two innovative learning formats. Two ways to pursue higher education on your terms. The Path Finder Quiz can help you make an informed choice as you take your next steps.