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Transferring credits to Capella University

Capella University makes transferring credits from another accredited university or college a straightforward process. Do you have credit to transfer? Learn what you need to know.

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You may be able to transfer your credits from another school into your Capella degree program.

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Transfer credit process

There are three steps to finding out if your previous university credits will apply to your Capella program:

1. Obtain official transcripts

Capella simplifies this step. When you apply for admission to Capella University, you can give Capella permission to request your transcripts from other schools on your behalf.*

*Capella will not be able to obtain your transcript if there is a hold on your record from another university.

2. Credit evaluation

Capella evaluates your previous coursework based on applicability to degree requirements, grades earned and how closely a course matches our courses per department, title, level, credits and description of course content. Courses without a direct Capella match may be evaluated as electives in programs that include electives.*

*Degree levels and programs have maximum transfer credit limits. See Transfer Credit and Credit for Prior Learning Policy for details.

3. Credit evaluation summary

You’ll receive an email with a summary of the courses that have been accepted for transfer each time we receive a new official transcript.

Frequently asked questions

Other ways to earn credit or reduce tuition

You may have other avenues to help with costs and credit toward your degree. Explore what Capella has to offer.

Credit for Prior Learning

We offer the opportunity to earn credit for knowledge gained outside of a standard college course through Credit for Prior Learning.

See how it works

Take courses on us with Capella Jumpstart

Get started down an alternate path to college admissions by beginning college-level coursework with our affiliate, Sophia Learning. Successfully completed courses automatically apply toward a bachelor’s degree at Capella.

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Leverage your military experience

Whether you are a service member or a veteran, you likely have training that may be recognized toward your Capella degree as course credits.

See our military benefits

Apply for scholarships

We recognize your dedication to your future by helping fund the cost of tuition in your program. Capella Progress Rewards are scholarships for eligible new students that are not need-based.

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Nationally recognized programs

Credit from some nationally recognized programs may also be applied for credit toward a Capella bachelor’s degree program. Minimum scores may be required. Talk to our admissions experts to learn more.

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Your questions are unique – like you. Talk with someone who gets it. Our team of counselors, coaches, advisors and faculty are here to provide the support you need throughout your journey.