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Thinking about a health administration degree?

MHA5006 - Health Care Finance and Reimbursement (4 quarter credits) Learners in this course gain knowledge of and apply financial management concepts, principles and processes used in health care organizations. Learners examine accounting, financial statements and ratios, budgeting, capitalization, cost allocation, reimbursement methodologies and processes, and the impact of varying reimbursement structures on health care practice and service delivery. Learners also design, prepare and manage health care budgets; analyze short- and long-term health care investment decisions; and articulate the ways effective health care finance and accounting processes are used to present operational and strategic financial information to organizational stakeholders.

MHA5010 - Strategic Health Care Planning (4 quarter credits) In this course, learners examine strategic orientation, planning and decision-making in health care organizations and environments. Learners analyze the political, legal, regulatory, organizational, demographical and multicultural implications of strategic planning decisions and how those decisions impact communities and populations, define best practices for health care organization staff development and balance the prioritization of organizational and regulatory needs with feasible cost-effective solutions. Learners also develop a long-term strategic health care plan that includes information on human resource requirements, technology needs and financial implications.

MHA5028 - Comparative Models of Global Health Systems (4 quarter credits) In this course, learners identify, analyze and compare world health care systems and the challenges associated with them. Learners also demonstrate knowledge of the costs and benefits of implementing and measuring quality improvement programs intended to address community and global health system needs. Prerequisite(s): MHA5006, MHA5010, completion of or concurrent registration in MHA5012, NHS6004, NHS6008.

MHA5062 - Health Care Delivery: New Environments in Health Informatics (4 quarter credits) Learners in this course investigate the changing technological environment facing today’s hospital leaders. Throughout the course, learners explore the many health information systems and applications now used by health care organizations, as well as examine the myriad rules, regulations and government influences paramount to health informatics.

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