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Capella University Faculty

Learn from Leaders in Education

Our faculty lead the transformation of higher education. They embrace technology as a way to extend access to education and are proud to bring their professional expertise to the Capella community.

An educational approach grounded in accessibility and innovation

Our faculty understand the needs of working adults who are pursuing a degree. They’re on a mission to change how higher education works, and are dedicated to a teaching method based on the following:

  • A fundamental belief in the power of human potential
  • Passion for their fields and online learning
  • A commitment to connecting with students through expert feedback
  • Dedication to regularly inspire students to be successful
  • The drive to go the extra mile for students and for Capella

Faculty that practice what they teach

Many of our faculty members work at Fortune 1,000 companies, operate their own businesses, publish scholarly works, and present within their professional domains. While teaching and guiding you through curricula designed around your chosen career, our faculty bring a wealth of experiences that translate the courseroom material to the real world. You’ll learn the skills you need right now, and gain insights into what it’s really like to work in your chosen profession.

I've had several faculty members who truly became mentors for me. Their support, guidance, and feedback have helped me to make the absolute most of my learning experience, and mesh schoolwork with real world issues and situations.

Isabel Francis RN-to-MSN
Actual Capella student who agreed to appear in our promotional materials.

91% of alumni agree that Capella faculty were well qualified and did a good job.

Alumni Outcomes Survey, 2022-2023

Faculty committed to leadership and innovation

Anesa Doyle, MEd, BCBA is a behavior analyst, entrepreneur, and inventor of 8 the Plate, a dinner plate designed for picky eaters.

Donna Russell, PhD, uses technology in the form of video games to create immersive learning experiences for children.

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