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The Undergrad Honors Pathway

This series of courses provides an exclusive opportunity for high-performing students to gain real-world experience and improve communication and critical-thinking skills.


Meet the challenge. The Undergrad Honors Pathway is designed for the highest-performing Capella undergraduate students in GuidedPath programs. The Honors Pathway will strengthen your academic portfolio and provide a more robust learning experience through coursework, project-based learning, and an exclusive community in Capella Connect.

Sharpen your skills

Develop intellectual curiosity by applying critical-thinking skills and a multidisciplinary lens to ask important questions. 

Build your network

Connect with a community of peers and faculty; attend exclusive virtual events in the Honors Pathway.

Gain professional experience

Gain experience in your program of study through professional project-based learning projects and collaborative learning experiences.


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Honors Seminar: Critical Thinking for the Professional World

This is the first course in the honors pathway. Learners apply critical thinking skills to develop a professionally relevant question in their discipline or program of study to investigate throughout the honors pathway. Learners gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ask questions and solve problems from multiple perspectives. Learners analyze their question from multiple perspectives and engage in enriching discussions with faculty and peers. For honors pathway learners only. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer.

3 quarter credits
SOC-H3005 *
Honors Professional Seminar

Learners in this course take a sociological approach to professional growth in the workplace. This course provides learners with the opportunity to complete a professional project that addresses an organizational need or solves a problem. Learners explore questions and develop their project with faculty and peers through engaging discussions and assignments. Throughout the course, learners use a sociological perspective to further develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address interdisciplinary issues. For honors pathway learners only.  Prerequisite(s): PHI-H2005. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer.​

6 quarter credits
COM-H4005 *
Communicating and Integrating Solutions in the Professional World

In this course, learners apply communication skills, information literacy, and first-hand research to complete a final professional presentation and share their findings with their instructor and peers. For honors pathway learners only. Prerequisite(s): SOC-H3005. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer.

6 quarter credits


The Honors Pathway is available for undergraduate students in GuidedPath programs who have earned at least 39 total credits, 15 at Capella, and have maintained a minimum 3.5 GPA.

The three honors courses align with Capella general education requirements for social science, humanities, and communication. If you have already met the requirements for these areas, the honors courses will count toward elective credits.

Some honors students may need to take additional credits beyond the minimum required for a bachelor's degree. Contact us for details.

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