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Explore online learning at an accredited university as a non-degree student and sharpen skills for your current job. Individual courses can apply toward a future degree or fulfill specific coursework requirements.

Apply up to three courses toward a Capella degree

Get a head start on a degree without making a commitment to a degree program now. At Capella, you can apply up to three courses to a degree program when you’re ready.

Build skills you can bring to your current role

Gain job-ready skills with practical coursework. Take industry-recognized prerequisites or credits to prep for HR certifications or to keep your project management skillset current.

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Thinking about a business degree? See what Capella has to offer.

Undergraduate business courses

BUS3011 - Fundamentals of Management (3 quarter credits) In this course, learners examine the fundamental principles of management and the characteristics that make an effective manager. Learners then apply these principles in management decision-making roles of planner, organizer, controller and communicator. Learners who have received credit for BUS3010 may not take BUS3011.

BUS3012 - Fundamentals of Leadership (3 quarter credits) This course is an introduction to principles and theories of leadership behavior and their application in business and community settings. Learners develop and demonstrate awareness of the characteristics, styles and practices necessary for effective leadership. Learners who have received credit for BUS3010 may not take BUS3012.

BUS3022 - Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management (3 quarter credits) This course is an introduction to modern concepts and practices of efficient supply chain management. Learners build their knowledge of and demonstrate the relevance of supply chain design in support of organizational strategy and explore ways to manage an effective supply chain. Through the use of case studies, learners also analyze existing supply chain systems and recommend improvements.

Graduate business courses

MBA5008 - Applied Business Analytics (4 quarter credits) This course introduces learners to business analytics and its role in evidence-based decision-making. Learners examine data and analytics techniques that create relevant, actionable and meaningful information.

MBA5010 - Accounting Methods for Leaders (4 quarter credits) Learners in this course gain an understanding of how methods of financial and managerial accounting are used to analyze business performance and make evidence-based business decisions. Learners examine tax, ethical and legal implications of accounting methods.

MBA6026 - The Global Leader (3 quarter credits) This course addresses the purpose, function and responsibility of leaders in complex global business environments.

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