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Accelerated Master’s Pathway (AMP)

Move your education into the fast lane. AMP is designed for bachelor’s students who want to save time and money on a future master’s program.

Why apply for Accelerated Master’s Pathway?

Your next big milestone could be closer than you think. AMP can save time and lower the cost of earning a master’s degree, all with the flexibility and support you need to reach the finish line.

Pursue your long-term goals

There are no shortcuts in higher education, but motivation can go a long way. With AMP, bachelor’s students in select fields can get an early start on a future master’s program.

Save time and money

Earn credits that count toward your bachelor’s degree and can also be applied to a future master’s degree, potentially saving time and money as you pursue your goals.

Explore programs that offer Accelerated Master’s Pathway

Looking for a way to speed up your path to a future master’s degree? Take a look at specific programs that offer AMP for bachelor’s students.

Set your schedule and control your pace

Whether or not you apply for AMP, there are ways to increase flexibility and control as you pursue your degree at Capella.


FlexPath gives you the freedom to set your own deadlines, manage costs and learn at your own pace. The faster you move, the more you save.

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General education courses

Capella students have a great way to complete gen ed requirements with access to the American Council on Education’s College Credit recommended courses from our affiliate, Sophia Learning.

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