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Applied Behavior Analysis
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The Capella Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) helps you understand why people engage in certain behaviors and how to apply behavioral knowledge to help improve lives. Our program prepares you to assess behavior, collect and analyze data, identify areas for change, and develop and implement interventions for children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or other intellectual disabilities. This program includes a five-course sequence that has been verified by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) and meets the educational requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® (BCaBA) examination.*

*Applicants must meet additional requirements to qualify.

Prepare for BCaBA requirements

Study with confidence in a program that meets the educational requirements for eligibility to take the BCaBA exam.

Enhanced capstone

Prepare for success in your field with an ABA-specific capstone. Built-in Behavior Development Solutions (BDS) exam preparation software helps you assess the skills and knowledge you gain in your program.

Broad, valuable application

The skills you develop in this program can be applied in a wide range of settings – including schools, corporate environments and hospitals.

Classes start June 3

Apply today with no application fee.

At a glance

  • Online
  • 8–13 General education courses
  • 9–17 Elective courses
  • 8 Core courses
  • 6 Specialization courses
  • 2 Capstone courses
  • 180 Total credits (120 max transfer)

Reduce your tuition by $15,000

Enroll in a qualified program and apply for a $15,000 Capella Progress Reward, a scholarship to help fund select bachelor’s degrees. Eligibility rules apply. Books, supplies, course materials, equipment and other fees apply. Travel expenses related to residencies, practicum, etc., are not covered by the scholarship.

Applied Behavior Analysis Career Skills

What can you do with a BS in Applied Behavior Analysis degree?

Your education can help you reach your professional and personal goals. While Capella cannot guarantee that a graduate will secure any specific career outcome, such as a job title, promotion or salary increase, we encourage you to explore potential jobs and employment settings. Here are some ideas and examples for a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis.

Job titles to explore

  • Behavior interventionist
  • Behavioral health consultant
  • Behavioral specialist

Employment settings to explore

  • Child and youth services
  • Elementary and secondary schools
  • Other individual and family services
  • Residential intellectual and developmental disability facilities
  • All other outpatient care centers

*These are examples intended to serve as a general guide. Some positions may prefer or even require previous experience, licensure, certifications and/or other designations along with a degree. Because many factors determine what position an individual may attain, Capella cannot guarantee that a graduate will secure any specific job title, a promotion, salary increase or other career outcome. We encourage you to research requirements for your job target and career goals.

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