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$15,000 bachelor’s scholarship details

Reduced tuition for bachelor’s students

Capella Progress Rewards include $15,000 scholarships for new or returning students in select bachelor’s programs. The award isn’t need-based – it’s simply our way to support your commitment to your education. Find your program and review eligibility rules and exclusions below. Application fee is waived when you use code: RWRD23

$15,000 Bachelor’s scholarship details

When you invest in your future, we invest in you by offering Capella Progress Rewards for a variety of bachelor’s programs. Choose your program and learn about eligibility, disbursement and other details.

How to apply for the $15,000 bachelor’s scholarship

Applying for a Capella Progress Reward is simple. Follow these steps.

Apply to Capella

To take advantage of the Capella Progress Rewards, you need to be a Capella student. Complete an application and enroll as a Capella student.

Complete the scholarship application

Review the scholarship eligibility rules and exclusions. If you believe you are eligible, apply before 11:59 p.m. Central Time the day courses begin. You can always ask your enrollment counselor if you have questions.

Enroll in your program courses

After you have enrolled and submitted your completed scholarship application, work with your enrollment counselor to enroll in your courses.

Other ways to reduce tuition

Take the next step

Still have questions? We’re here for you. Connect with our financial aid advisors and enrollment counselors, who can help you find ways to pay for college, start the application process and more.