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MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner
Master of Science in Nursing

Learn how to improve health care outcomes and deliver person-centered care to people of all ages with the MSN-FNP program at Capella. This specialization emphasizes ethical judgment while helping prepare learners to care for individuals of all ages to promote health, reduce risks and manage acute and chronic health conditions as an advanced practice nurse.

Capella University has partnered with Optum® to support advancing care and practice and help prepare nurses for the future of health care. Through modern, competency-based curriculum and innovative simulations, we’ll help equip you to face the nursing challenges of today – and tomorrow.

Professional relevance

Our courses are taught by doctoral-prepared educators, and experienced, board-certified nurse practitioners. They provide instruction through evidence-based practice methods and real-world experiences.

Practicum placement support

Although you are responsible for obtaining a practicum site, your dedicated support network helps you stay on track throughout your program and helps connect you with practicum site opportunities. Sites could include practicum training locations through our partner Optum, your current health care employer or other approved primary care organizations.

Immersive learning experiences

The curriculum is designed to provide advanced-practice nurse training via a digital medical education platform, high-quality simulations and engaging documentary videos and testimonials from experienced professionals.

Classes start July 8

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At a glance

  • GuidedPath learning format
  • Online & in-person
  • 9 Core courses
  • 5 Specialization courses
  • Practicum immersion course
  • Support with practicum placement
  • Practicum

Reduce your tuition by $5,000

Enroll in a qualified program and apply for a $5,000 Capella-Optum Scholarship to help fund your master’s degree. Eligibility rules and exclusions apply. Connect with us for details.

What can you do with an MSN-FNP?

Your education can help you reach your professional and personal goals. While Capella cannot guarantee that a graduate will secure any specific career outcome, such as a job title, promotion or salary increase, we encourage you to explore potential jobs and employment settings. Here are some ideas and examples for a graduate with an MSN-FNP.

Related job titles to explore

  • Nurse practitioner
  • Family nurse practitioner
  • Advanced practice registered nurse
  • Clinician
  • Advanced practice provider
  • Primary care nurse practitioner
  • Urgent care nurse practitioner
  • Advanced practice clinician

Employment settings to explore

  • Office of physicians (except mental health specialists)
  • Administration of veterans’ affairs
  • Colleges, universities and professional schools
  • Ambulatory health care services
  • Direct health and medical insurance carriers
  • Home health care services
  • Employment placement agencies
  • Nursing care facilities (skilled nursing facilities)
  • Individual and family services
  • Offices of health practitioners
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers
  • Elementary and secondary schools
  • Residential care facilities
  • Correctional institutions
  • Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities

*These are examples intended to serve as a general guide. Some positions may prefer or even require previous experience, licensure, certifications, and/or other designations along with a degree. Because many factors determine what position an individual may attain, Capella cannot guarantee that a graduate will secure any specific job title, a promotion, salary increase, or other career outcome. We encourage you to research requirements for your job target and career goals.