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DBA in General Management
Doctor of Business Administration

Address the challenges and opportunities in managing, organizing and structuring organizations with an online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) General Management from Capella, available in both FlexPath and GuidedPath learning formats.

Within the specialization, you’ll examine scholarly and practitioner literature in the field of management to gain an understanding of decision-making using relevant data and methods. You’ll also learn how to incorporate supply chains into organizational planning and consider how mergers, acquisitions or coopetition may boost organizational success.

Industry-inspired curriculum

The Doctor of Business Administration curriculum is based on input and advice from industry leaders and in consultation with the Capella School of Business, Technology, and Health Administration Advisory Board.

Integrated capstone

You’ll begin your capstone early in the program with the guidance of faculty mentors, building real-world knowledge you can apply in today’s business and management settings.

Support along the way

Start and advance through your doctoral journey with support from faculty and academic coaches.

Classes start June 3

Apply today with no application fee.

At a glance

  • Online
  • FlexPath available
  • 8 Core courses
  • 5 Specialization courses
  • Capstone
  • 24 Max transfer credits

With Capella Tuition Cap, you won't pay more than $45,000* in tuition costs for your degree.

*Eligibility rules and exclusions apply. Connect with us for details.

What can you do with a DBA in General Management degree?

Your education can help you reach your professional and personal goals. While Capella cannot guarantee that a graduate will secure any specific career outcome, such as a job title, promotion, or salary increase, we encourage you to explore potential jobs and employment settings. Here are some ideas and examples for a graduate with a Doctor of Business Administration in General Management.

Related job titles to explore

  • Program manager
  • Management and program analyst
  • Product manager
  • Human resources specialist
  • Project manager
  • Management analyst
  • Compliance manager
  • Analytics manager
  • Business development manager

Employment settings to explore

  • Colleges, universities and professional schools
  • Offices of certified public accountants
  • Commercial banking
  • Financial transactions processing, reserve and clearing house activities
  • Direct health and medical insurance carriers
  • Other general government support
  • Administrative management and general management consulting services
  • Public finance activities
  • Other professional, scientific and technical services
  • Other information services