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What is the GuidedPath Trial Course?

Our GuidedPath Trial Course offers you a hands-on experience in Capella’s online courseroom before you make the decision to enroll – no grades, no commitment, no pressure.

How our GuidedPath Trial Course works

Our GuidedPath Trial Course invites you to a preview of the Capella courseroom. You can explore the features available in the GuidedPath format, including planning tools, study materials, assignments and support resources.


Discover how to navigate the courseroom and use its features.


The GuidedPath learning format has structured deadlines for assignments to help you stay on track. See how to access, complete and submit assignments.


GuidedPath courses include discussions that let you interact with fellow students and the faculty.

Grades and Feedback

Understand how to view your grades and access feedback from faculty.

Ready to explore GuidedPath courses?

Online learning that’s structured for your success – try our GuidedPath Trial Course and see if it’s right for you.

Reasons to take our GuidedPath Trial Course

Exploring for yourself can be a great way to understand what GuidedPath is all about: flexibility to learn online whenever it works for you but with set deadlines and support to keep you on track. See what online courses are like at Capella and learn how coursework will be graded.

Boost your confidence

When you know what to expect from the courseroom and faculty, you can be better prepared for success in the GuidedPath format.

Learn about GuidedPath support

Know you’ll have help when you need it. Get an overview of how to find technical help, access support resources and communicate with faculty and other support teams.

Navigate the Capella courseroom

Get familiar with how to access the courseroom, complete assessments, participate in discussions, contact faculty and view grades and feedback.

Explore with no cost, no commitment

With no commitment and no cost, our trial course helps you explore whether Capella’s GuidedPath learning format is a good fit for you.

Questions about our GuidedPath Trial Course?

Start learning today

Questions about Capella? Talk to an enrollment counselor or take our trial course to experience the GuidedPath courseroom for yourself.