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What is the FlexPath Trial Course?

This trial course was created to give you a first-hand experience of the FlexPath learning format before you enroll. The course is nongraded and noncredit bearing, so you can explore how FlexPath benefits you as a student and gain confidence in the skills you’ll take away from your program.

Reasons to take the FlexPath Trial Course

See for yourself how the FlexPath learning format works, what courses are like and how you’ll be evaluated as a student.

Experience on-demand learning

The trial course can show you how online education works in a learning format that gives you flexibility and helps you manage your schedule.

Discover FlexPath benefits

Our FlexPath learning format removes weekly discussions and lets you set your own deadlines. In our FlexPath Trial Course, you will explore online self-paced learning, experience the courseroom and view a sample assessment.

Sample the curriculum

Explore how previous knowledge and experience can help you move fast through the course material, so you can work toward your educational goals at your pace and on your budget.

How the FlexPath Trial Course works

Explore features and tools in the courseroom. See the types of information and resources that are available in every FlexPath course.

Set target dates

Review sample assessments and practice setting your own target dates.

Understand scoring and evaluation

View scoring guides and competency maps to see how assessments are evaluated.

Get the help you need

The trial course includes short videos to help you understand key features of the courseroom.

Submit assessments

Follow directions to practice completing and submitting an assessment.

Explore the courseroom

Check out the courseroom and its features to help you decide if FlexPath is right for you.

Learn more about FlexPath

Explore a different way to earn your degree..

What can I expect from the FlexPath Trial Course?

See what life is like as a Capella student FlexPath Trial Course

Questions about the FlexPath Trial Course? Start here.

Read more about FlexPath

Explore these resources for more information about how FlexPath works and how it can help you reach your educational goals.

How does FlexPath work?

There are so many things that make FlexPath unique. Learn more about what you can expect to see as a FlexPath student.

FlexPath students tell their stories

From nurses and educators to entrepreneurs, FlexPath helps real people take the next steps in their career.

FlexPath Guide

Take a closer look at the time and cost benefits of FlexPath and how it can help you earn your degree.

Start learning today

Questions about the FlexPath learning format or academic programs at Capella? Talk to an enrollment counselor to explore the best fit for you, or take a trial course and experience the FlexPath courseroom for yourself.