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Strategic Education Solutions

Success you can see

Maximize the potential of your workforce with innovative solutions from Capella University.

Reshape Your Workforce

Become a Capella employer partner and receive tailored learning solutions using our real-world education and training programs aimed at addressing your workforce needs.

Differentiate Your Benefits

With our special pricing models, we can work with you to provide your employees a degree for low to no cost.

Advance Your Leaders

Competency-based, job-relevant training programs to build your employee’s foundational leadership skills.

See the Results

We assess learning in a way that connects students to their career goals, and prioritizes mastery of specific competencies that can be applied directly on-the-job.

Keep Good People

Attract top talent and keep them engaged with the help of benefits that focus on skill-building, leadership and career development.

Meet Your Organization's Unique Needs

By strategically combining degree programs from Capella University with non-degree training courses, skill-building workshops, and other learning options, we'll help your employees build skills and competencies aimed to drive your business forward and develop their careers.


Extend access to high-quality education with undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates.

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Maximize your investment with cost-effective programs aimed to train and retain a 21st-century workforce.

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