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Strategic education solutions

Maximize the potential of your workforce with degree programs from Capella University.

Extend access to high-quality education

We’ve built a flexible, online university with learning formats catered specifically to working adults. The innovative, intentionally designed competency-based education we offer enables our students to meet challenges in their careers, lead and make new contributions in their disciplines, and reach their professional and personal goals.


We offer more than 50 degree programs, with 140 different graduate and undergraduate specializations.

Professionally aligned

We assess learning in a way that connects students to their career goals, and prioritizes mastery of specific competencies that can be applied directly on-the-job.

Maximize your investment

We will work with you to showcase the ways we may be able to provide your employees a degree for low to no cost.

Accredited. Respected. Recognized.

Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Accreditation is the assurance we meet standards for quality of faculty, curriculum, learner services, and fiscal stability. See all of our accreditations and our recognitions.

Two online learning formats

We offer two quality, competency-based online learning formats for your employees—GuidedPath and FlexPath—that are flexible, affordable, and supportive. These format options help both employees and employers find a solution that provides access to higher education that fits around workplace responsibilities.



1:1 engagement

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Interactive Setting

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“Capella’s grant offers, combined with our employer discount made it possible for some of our employees to pursue degrees that otherwise may not have seemed obtainable.”

Christi HR Professional at a national sporting goods retailer*
*Actual Capella employer partner who agreed to appear in promotional materials

Educational partner benefits

We’ve been working with employers for more than 15 years, and currently have more than 600 organizations – including corporations, health care organizations, and community colleges - invest in their employees by partnering with Capella to offer cost-effective education programs.

Maximize your investment

We have different types of programs to match your level of commitment. We will work with you to showcase the ways we may be able to provide your employees a degree for low to no cost.

Dedicated support

From marketing resources to a dedicated client success team, we provide a wide range of support systems to help your business maximize the partnership.

See the results

Along the way we measure and report back on the competencies your employees are demonstrating in their area of study, to show how they are building skills over time.

Keep good people

Attract top talent and keep them engaged with the help of benefits that focus on skill-building, leadership, and career development.

Ready for the Next Step?

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