Population Health

raising the odds for achieving improved health and wellbeing for all

Developments within health care and society at large have highlighted the need for a greater understanding of the social determinants of health. There is growing recognition of the large health disparities among racial and ethnic groups in the United States. 

Improving population health outcomes will require intervention at multiple levels. Capella University has developed the Population Health course to help nurses develop the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about change. Flexible, online learning to boost your team’s language skills.

Help your nurses grow their understanding of population health

The Population Health course is an online course that explores the principles, concepts and evolution of population health. Nurses may earn continuing education credit through a mobile-optimized platform, which offers the flexibility needed to integrate into a nurse’s busy schedule.

Introduction to Population Health

The U. S. Health Care System

Determinants of Population Health Outcomes

The Future of Health

Developing skills for today and tomorrow

Capella University and Strategic Education, Inc. offer online, self-paced courses to help your staff build relevant skills that impact patient care. Explore Capella's full suite of skill-building courses.

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