A Primer for Nurses Series

Advancing your nurses’ skills to practice in a telehealth environment

Consumer demand for telehealth services has steadily increased in recent years and the need for virtual health care visits has never been greater. Nurses must be skilled in telehealth practices and technology to effectively provide health care education, care and counseling to patients remotely. Recognizing that many health care systems are expanding the telehealth services offered to patients, Capella has developed the Telehealth: A Primer for Nurses Series to develop the skills and competencies needed to proficiently deliver health care virtually.

Grow your health care system’s cadre of nurses skilled in telehealth services

Capella’s Telehealth: A Primer for Nurses Series is a suite of online courses that outline key foundational concepts and skills. The series enables participants to earn continuing education credit through a mobile-optimized platform powered by Capella’s affiliate, Sophia Learning.

The Telehealth: A Primer for Nurses Series

has five modules which may be offered as a whole series or customized to fit an employer’s needs. Each module is eligible for continuing education credit. Nurses will learn about:

Introduction to Telehealth

Technical Requirements

Scope and Standards of Practice

Patient Education and Engagement

Rules and Risk Management

Developing skills for today and tomorrow

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