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Professional Development

Professional Development Webinars

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Learn critical skills to help others maximize their own leadership potential — and use the principles of emotional intelligence to lead change at the workplace.

Presented By: Joel Woodlief and Nikki L. Exelbert

Webinar Length: 55 minutes

Enhancing Health, Well-being and Performance Through the Practice of Mindfulness

Increase your ability to focus on the present — rather than letting your mind wander to the past or future — and increase your happiness, well-being, and performance.

Presented By: Dawn Bazarko DNP, MPh, RN

Webinar Length: 45 minutes

Managing Your Time & Energy: Get More Done with Less Time and Stress

Time and energy are among your most valuable resources. Learn to use them wisely so you can accomplish more and keep stress at bay.

Presented By: Dr. Susan Lennox

Webinar Length: 50 minutes

Thriving on Stress at Work

Learn about the sources and symptoms of stress — and discover powerful techniques for conquering stress.

Presented By: Dr. Susan Lennox

Webinar Length: 48 minutes

Credibility, Visibility, Possibility: Take Charge of Your Career Management

Wondering how to successfully navigate your career with your current employer? This session will help you understand key principles of effective career management; recognize the importance of continuous and intentional career management; get inspired to imagine options and opportunities beyond your current situation; and implement a career/learning plan.

Presented By: Melody Jennings Kruzic - Career Counselor at Capella University

Webinar Length: 60 minutes

Mentoring for Future Success

A mentor can be a powerful source of guidance and inspiration. But what does a productive mentor relationship look like? In this informative webinar, you'll explore the qualities that make a great mentor; get tips on connecting with the right mentor; identify ways to structure a productive mentoring relationship; and consider what to do when a mentor relationship isn't working.

Presented By: Sara Orem PhD

Webinar Length: 30 minutes