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BS Bachelor of Science in Business Human Resource Management specialization


Human resources has moved beyond personnel management and staff development to become a strategic cornerstone in many organizations. Capella University's online Bachelor's in Human Resource Management program helps you develop specialized skills with a solid business acumen.

The Society for Human Resource Management has acknowledged that Capella University's BS in Business, with a specialization in HR Management, fully aligns with SHRM's HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates.

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FlexPath: A More Direct Path to Your Degree

FlexPath can help you earn your degree on your own schedule, at your own pace — with the potential to save you time and money. FlexPath self-paced learning allows you to move quickly through subjects you’re more familiar with or more slowly as needed. You’ll develop the same mastery — and earn the same degree — as the structured version of your degree program, only in a more efficient, more personalized way. Learn more about FlexPath Self-Paced Learning.

Save Thousands on Your Master's with a Combined Degree Option

With Capella's Combined Bachelor's-to-Master's degree options, you can start building for your future by completing Master's-level credit as you earn your Bachelor's degree. Combined degree options are designated Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, with a set of shared master's-level courses applied to both degrees. This enables you to save significant time and money.

Learn more about combined Bachelor's-to-Master's degrees.

Degree Outcomes

With your Bachelor's in Human Resource Management degree from Capella, you'll develop a strong background in human resource functions, including compensation and benefits management, recruiting and retention, employee development, and labor relations. You'll also learn to apply business and human resource knowledge in an effective and integrated manner, and build constructive relationships between employees and the organization. Discover specifically what you'll learn — and how you can apply it.


People with Bachelor's degrees in Business from Capella earn an average of $36,000more per year than high school graduates.

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Career Outcomes

Common jobs held by individuals with a Human Resource Management degree include: employee relations specialist, human resource manager, recruiter, and trainer. Potential workplaces include: a corporation, consulting firm, P-12 school, and government.

For a More In-Depth Study

With this area of study, Capella also offers a program concentration — an opportunity to delve deeper into your specific knowledge area. Your program concentration can be included in your transcript to potentially enhance career opportunities.

Earn Credit for What You Already Know

Your previous learning, work experience, and industry certifications may help you earn your degree in less time. Read up on our competency-based Prior Learning Assessment.

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