Capella Jumpstart decorative

Apply to Capella and start your degree with no-cost courses

Prepare for your degree with Capella, by completing no-cost courses before enrolling in your program. Finish coursework at your own pace and get a head start on your Capella bachelor’s program.

No-cost online college courses

We’ve curated six courses from our affiliate, Sophia Learning, with no cost, no risk, with all the benefits. These courses are designed to be flexible and be completed on any device. Spend less time memorizing facts and more time learning. All materials are included in the course. Earning your bachelor’s degree has never been easier. Learn with confidence as you work toward your bachelor’s degree.

Do I qualify for Capella Jumpstart?

Jumpstart is available to any Capella applicant who is at least 18 years of age and has a high school diploma or equivalent. For those 18-23 years old with less than 24 quarter credits of prior college-level coursework, Jumpstart provides a pathway that may qualify you for admission into Capella University.

Note: Veterans or active military service members, regardless of age or credits earned, are eligible to apply directly to Capella University. Learn more.

Capella Jumpstart is simple:

You can begin college-level coursework at Sophia to prepare for online learning as you work towards eligibility for admission in a Capella program.

Step one: Register for, and successfully complete, two no-cost general education courses with Sophia.

Step two: Apply to the Capella bachelor’s GuidedPath program that’s right for you.

If Capella extends an admissions offer, your Sophia courses will automatically transfer to Capella where they will receive credit. Additional admissions requirements must be met for the BSN program.

Get started on your future today.

Additional benefits of Capella Jumpstart

Financial aid guidance

Financial aid guidance – Beyond these no-cost courses taken from Sophia as part of the Capella Jumpstart program, we’re committed to helping you find ways to pay for your education every step of the way. See our Financing Guide for more details.

Admissions support

We’ll be here every step of your journey: from taking your first courses through the Capella Jumpstart program to transferring your credits to the university and working towards earning your bachelor’s degree.

Career guidance

Connect with your dedicated Capella enrollment counselor and discuss your educational and career goals to find the best program fit. Once you’re admitted, our Career Center offers many additional resources to help you throughout your program.

Sophia course options

We’ve curated these course selections to help you hone your college readiness skills. Choose and successfully complete any two courses and apply them toward a Capella degree program. Your options include:

College Readiness

Develop strategies to perform your best while in school, and create plans to achieve your academic and career goals.

Personal Finance

Learn how to use tools for economics and personal finance, and develop skills to know that you are making the best financial decisions in today's economy.

Visual Communications

An introduction to basic concepts of visual design, theories of communications and key elements and principles of design and the role that visual designs play in today’s society.

Smarter Decisions Through Psychology

Uncover how learning, motivation, development, emotion, personality and how they can help you make smarter decisions for your future.

Conflict Resolution

Analyze the fundamentals of conflict resolution, how culture and gender affect our responses to conflict, and the skills needed to resolve conflict in work and life.

Workplace Communication

Identify what makes successful written and verbal business communications, including how to create and deliver coherent, professional presentations. 

Get started on your future today