Why get an MBA?

June 13, 2018

An MBA is one of the most-conferred graduate degrees in the United States today.

Capella University MBA program core faculty member Lynn Szostek, PhD, shares her thoughts on why you should consider pursuing an MBA.

What is an MBA? | Capella University


Four Benefits of an MBA

1. Career progression

MBA credentials demonstrate to senior leaders and future employers your commitment to professional development and career advancement. There are also some careers that typically require an MBA, or companies that require one for a high-level position in their organization. From entrepreneurial endeavors to management positions, MBA students develop skills that could lead to career success.

2. Networking

The people you meet, whether in the classroom, during projects, or in online discussion groups, become part of your professional network. These are the same leaders you may see on boards, as colleagues in your industry, and as friends who can help you navigate your career. For entrepreneurs, networking is crucial to growing a business—from finding trustworthy, qualified employees to acquiring customers and clients.

3. Leadership development and advanced skills

One of the benefits of an advanced degree is that it provides you with additional skills such as in-depth research, data analysis, and management techniques that can help you approach business problems with new sophistication. Employers often value these higher-level skills.

4. Critical thinking for life

Szostek notes that time and time again she hears from Capella graduates about a surprising benefit of their MBA program: That it improves their critical thinking skills applicable not only in the business world, but also in their personal lives as well.

“MBA grads walk away with a new way of thinking about everything,” Szostek explains. “They are able to make key decisions using the analytical skills developed during the degree process. From leading a business to buying a home, graduates find themselves using objective analysis and evaluation both in the business and personal settings. It may sound subtle, but it makes a big impact and adds value to the degree.”

Why online?

One of the biggest benefits of pursuing an online MBA is that it provides flexibility—students are able to work toward their degree on their time, on their schedule. This is a great benefit for students looking to advance their careers while pursuing their current jobs, or juggling busy family lives.

“Most of our MBA students have families, jobs, and other commitments,” notes Szostek. “Some are members of the military who may move frequently due to deployments. Some are busy raising children. Our online MBA program provides the flexibility to balance all of that. Given the online format is less disruptive to their personal lives, students don’t have to delay their educational goals. They can do it all now!”

Think outside the box when it comes to an MBA. As you work through your degree program, consider how it will provide value to the career you’ve already started or for a career path that you’ve yet to take.

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