Capella students and graduates share their advice for future students

Capella students and graduates share their advice for future students

November 23, 2015

What does it take to earn an online degree? According to Capella University students and alumni, it is a combination of three things: persistence, organization, and a strong support system.

A request was sent out on Capella’s social media channels: What one piece of advice would you give to new students?  In their own words, here are a few of the 120 student and alumni responses, with tips and words of inspiration.


  • “Remain engaged. There is always a book, a video, a teacher, a teaching assistant, a fellow learner, a faculty member, etc. that are willing to help and can help. Don’t ever feel like you are alone in your learning. Stay engaged and stay positive! The time will pass but an education lasts your entire lifetime.”
  • “If you never start, you will never finish. By continuing your education you are taking positive, life changing steps.”
  • “It takes commitment! Log in and study every day, or at least regularly. Then, enjoy the breaks between class terms.”
  • “Don’t give up. Regardless of how tough things may be for you right now it will get better.”
  • “Remain focused with the end in mind and don’t take yourself too serious. Have fun in the learning process.”


  • “Develop good time management skills. It makes the process a lot simpler and frees up time for self-care!”
  • “Complete assignments one day early, if possible. Then, begin the next week’s studies a day early.”
  • “Embrace your program. Learn the material, use it, master it, and then pat yourself on the back.”
  • “Time management is your very best friend. Write out a schedule if need be, but manage your time wisely.”
  • “Find a way to balance work, home, and school without putting too much pressure on yourself.”

Strong support system

  • “Keep lines of communication open with your professors and advisors and ask questions when unclear about class or university requirements. Set a weekly schedule for discussion posts, research, and classwork and STICK to it as much as possible.”
  • “Attend the first residency as soon as possible. Meet the instructors and your classmates. Step outside your comfort zone. Pick a journal that is aligned with your major and read it religiously.”
  • “Remember that being an online learner doesn’t mean you can’t use the phone to establish relationships with fellow learners, and especially your professors!”
  • “Stay focused and enlist the support of friends and family on your journey!”
  • “Appreciate your family/support system and say thank you often.”

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