K-12 teachers: how to make graduate school work for you

K-12 teachers: how to make graduate school work for you

September 11, 2018

Teachers are never short on things to do, which is why it can seem daunting to consider adding a master’s degree program to an already overflowing plate.

But advanced education can boost your teaching career and further your professional goals beyond the classroom.

So what’s holding you back?

1. You don’t have time?

No worries—we’ve got you covered. With Capella University’s Master of Education (MEd) via the FlexPath learning format, you create your own flexible schedule by setting your own deadlines for assignment submission. You’re the boss of your classroom—and you’re the boss of your graduate program, too.

2. Isn’t graduate school too expensive?

With FlexPath, the fastest students can earn their Master of Education for under $9,500.* You have control by setting your own pace, and you may get credit for prior learning experience—potentially saving you time and money.

3. How long will it take for my graduate work to be relevant to my classroom work?

Not long at all—in fact, Capella’s competency-based coursework is designed to give you tools you can use right away, not just after graduation. You have the ability to select courses to personalize some of your studies, developing a curriculum that’s tailored for your interests and your classroom.

4. Why would I get a graduate degree if I’m interested in transitioning out of the classroom?

If you’re interested in exploring other areas of education, a master’s degree could help you move toward leadership roles, such as a principal or administrator. It could also help you transition to other types of positions, including educational consultant, curriculum development specialist, teacher on special assignment (TOSA), etc.

5. If I’m not ready for graduate school, why should I pursue additional education?

Education is a rapidly changing field. Capella offers free professional development courses to help you add innovative instructional strategies and technology to your course plans. You can earn professional development hours—and earn credit for that learning, which you can apply toward a master’s degree from Capella.**

*Based on fastest 10 percent of students. Your program length and cost will vary by transfer credits, the per-session cost, and how quickly you complete courses. Books, supplies, and other fees may apply.

**To apply free professional development courses to a degree program, students must apply for graduate credit and complete an additional project. $50 fee applies.

Capella University’s online MEd program, available in both GuidedPath and FlexPath learning formats, offers tools to become the inspirational teacher you continually aspire to be in a flexible and personalized setting. It’s designed around you to make your goal of earning a master’s degree a reality, without sacrificing your personal and professional life.

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